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accept card payments for your business

Add-on Services

Paylink Payments 

For merchants who handle pro-forma orders or wish to give the power to their customer as to when they process the payment for their order, then PayLink Payments is for you. This service, once enabled can generate Pay-Links via your EcomMerchant control panel or can be generated on the fly via an API, both sending an email to your customer containing a web link that will forward them to make a payment against your previously generated order. Pay-Links, once generated can be modified and re-sent to your customer or deleted if required.

Repeat Payment
Repeat Payments

The repeat payment service is a useful service which enables merchants to take a further payment from a purchasers credit or debit card without having the original credit card details. This feature available through the merchants control panel will enable a further payment to be taken at an amount specified by the merchant. This mechanism uses the industry Credential On File method of allowing a card to be re-used without re-entry into the system, as long as the merchant has obtained permission from the cardholder.

Subscription Payments
Subscription Payments

For merchants who handle large volumes of subscriptions e.g. Magazine subscriptions or take regular payment amounts from their customers, then this service will meet your requirements. This module, once enabled, will allow merchants to add customers card details to their EcomMerchant account where you can decide the amount and regularity of payment against your customers card. Each subscription can be individually modified to allow differing amounts and the date you wish your payment to be taken. There is also a built in feature to check your customers card is still valid in the form of an Account Verification. This mechanism uses the industry Credential On File method of allowing a card to be re-used without re-entry into the system, as long as the merchant has obtained permission from the cardholder.

Subscription Payments
Pre-Authorisation Payments

The Pre-Authorisation payments module enables you to reserve a payment against a customer card until such time you have the final payment amount and you are ready to authorise the card. This is useful in the travel industry and in particular hotels where a customer might have additional costs such as room service and you want to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover them.

Batch Payments
Batch Payments

The Batch Payments service offers Merchants the ability to process payments in a batch as opposed to doing them one at a time. Card data would be collected in a CSV format by you, the merchant and pasted into your EcomMerchant administration tool. This will in turn process all sales and refund transactions and provide feedback as to which cards were successful and which were not. This mechanism requires additional assessment in regards to PCI accreditation as you would be handling the full card data.

Deferred Payments
Deferred Payments 

The Deferred Payments service offers Merchants the ability to have more control over orders by deciding when to release transactions. Some businesses need to allow for items that are out of stock or to modify orders and payments for discontinued products. Whatever the merchants reasons this service enables the merchant to have more control over when their customers' credit or debit card is processed. Another unique feature of this service is the ability to authorize a small amount transaction and reverse it to ensure the card details are valid.

Mobile Payment Pages
Mobile Phone Payments

Purchases that are made using a mobile phone, smart phone or tablet have been increasing exponentially year on year. To take advantage of this growth, we have now integrated the Pay Page mechanism to allow payments to be taken via these devices. The Pay Page will fit neatly into the designated screen size and allow payments to be processed just like it would be over the web. There are also some customisable features to give your pay page a branded look and feel to your mobile customers.

Tokenization Payments

For merchants who historically have handled card data and wish to relieve themselves of the burden of PCI may wish to implement this service. Tokenization allows the merchant to authorize cards without the need to store or transmit card data. Instead the merchant manages tokens supplied by the EcomMerchant service which can be used once to process a transaction whereby a new token is issued which the merchant must store for a subsequent transaction. This abstraction means merchants can essentially absolve themselves of the burden of having to secure card data and any associated PCI compliance.

Multi-Merchant Management Interface
Multi-Merchant Management Interface

The Multi-Merchant Management interface provides merchants with the ability to manage additional merchant accounts for organisations that have either many outlets or divisions. Some organisations may have multiple branches that require separate merchant accounts and separate user accounts to manage them.


For those businesses wishing to take payments in different currencies then we have a facility to enable multi-currency payments. This service will require a new merchant number for each currency you wish to take payments in. Should you wish to take payments in a particular currency but have the payments settled in another then this is also possible.

Extended Data Element
Extended Data Elements

With our payment mechanisms we provide merchants with the ability to pass through a limited amount of information to record along side each transaction. This is sometimes not sufficient for some merchants who require additional information to be stored with each transaction such as product purchased, store purchased from, etc etc.

Multi-Lingual Payment Page

The Pay Page mechanism is very flexible and allows you, the merchant, to decide which language to display the pay page in. We support several languages and new ones can be added should a customer have a specific requirement.

Corporate Services
Service Enablement

In order to use any of the services above you will need to ask Technical Support to enable them.  You can contact Technical Support via your EcomMerchant Control Panel.  All services are free except those listed on the Services and Parice page.