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Frequently Asked Questions - Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway ?
What is a Merchant Account ?
What is a Virtual Terminal ?
How do I apply for a merchant account with a bank and what is the procedure ?
Do I need a bank account to use the EcomMerchant service with Total Web Solutions ?
If I want to take online card payments on my web site in one currency but have it paid into an account of another currency would this be possible?
I already have a merchant account for processing cards in my shop, so why do I need another merchant account ?
How long will it take to set-up an Merchant account with the bank?
Once I have a merchant account where do I go from here ?
How will I know how many credit cards and what amounts my site has processed during a trading day ?
How long does it take to pay funds into my account after a credit card payment has been processed ?
What happens if your system is not working and is unable to process cards for whatever reason. Do you have any form of backup system or mechanism to ensure my site can still process card transactions ?
How secure is your network and servers as I have heard that credit card databases have been hacked on the Internet and I would not want my customers card details being exposed by purchasing products through my site ?
What cards will my EcomMerchant account accept when I go live with the service and is it possible to accept other cards ?
I am concerned that I may be subject to fraud on the Internet as I have heard that security is not very good on the Internet. What protections are in place to prevent fraud and stop us from getting charge backs from the acquiring bank ?
I know that as a Payment Gateway you will charge a transaction fee for each transaction I put through but are there any other charges I should be aware of ?
Is there any set-up charges with Total Web Solutions or the bank when applying for a merchant account ?
Are there any other charges I should be aware of when setting up a Merchant Account ?
Why do I need to use Total Web Solutions, can I not just go direct to a bank ?
What is PCI accreditation and do I need to be PCI Accredited ?
Does Total Web Solutions benefit financially from providing acquiring services for
certain acquirers ?